JPD Communications was founded in 1987 by Jill Davey as an event planning and graphic design company. We work with a consistent group of employees and associates, some are detailed below.

Many people ask how we are able to manage both events and design. We feel they are mutually supportive: having an in-house graphic design department helps us to fully develop the look and feel of each event and to bring continuity through all the event collateral and décor, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Jill Davey, Principal
Jill has the unique ability to provide both vision for the big-picture creative parts of an event or design project, while also overseeing the all-important details. Events and design for nonprofit organizations have been her focus. Prior to starting JPD, Jill worked in the music industry as a graphic designer, artist/tour manager and concert producer. She brings creativity, energy and enthusiasm to her projects and clients.

Suzanne Harkless, Business Manager
Suzanne oversees the financial aspects of JPD’s events and design projects. She manages the systems for billing, scheduling, staffing, and contracts. She was a corporate event manager for 20 years and she brings a wealth of experience to JPD from that background.

Stacy Vajta, Project Manager
Stacy Vajta has been managing events for over 10 years: hi-tech corporate trade shows, large conferences, sales incentives as well as craft fairs, auctions and special events. Her incredible attention to detail and budget helps our clients rest assured they are in good hands!

Amy Larson, Project Manager
Amy  has managed events and conferences since 1984. Her event management experience encompasses corporate, nonprofit and public-sector clients. Programs have included corporate and scientific meetings, premier client events and fundraisers, and events and field trips to remote areas. Whether the program is "black tie optional" or "flashlights recommended," Amy focuses on producing a memorable experience for guests.

Penny Werner, Graphic Designer
Penny has worked as a designer and art director for over ten years, and her previous experiences have included teaching English and elementary school art. She is thrilled to be working with the excellent clients that come to JPD for help, and will hold your hand through the process of turning your vision into a reality.

Nicole Vasgerdsian, Graphic Designer
Nicole has worked for JPD as both an employee and contract designer. She has years of experience with a variety of graphic design and prior experience in an advertising agency.

Eric Ronning, Web Specialist
Eric works with the JPD design team to satisfy our clients by developing and implementing custom websites. With over eighteen years experience in the teaching of graphics and web development, he strives to bring the latest innovations to our projects. Eric's expertise and experience allowhim to create sites that are technologically advanced yet individually unique.

Donna Ferina, Office Manager
Donna has been the office manager at JPD for 7 years. She assists with events and design projects as needed and is often the first person many people speak to when they call the office. She brings her caring attention to all our client and staff needs.