JPD is 25!


We celebrate 25 years in business this year! We are grateful to still be doing great works for great people! Thank you for your support!


NCIBA Catalog

A 12-page catalog for the Northern California Independent Bookstore Association featuring recent releases. The catalog is distributed in local newspapers, and is personalized and distributed in local Bay-Area independent bookstores.



Janice Jacobson
Janice Jacobson is a physical therapist and ergonomist working with personal clients as well as many types of businesses and industry. The site clearly details her area of expertise and is supported by the photos of her work with various clients.

Janice Jacobson


Marlena DeCarion
Marlena is a professional coach who wanted her site to reflect her "co-active" coaching style - which suggests connections, relationsships, intimacy and collaboratipn. We made her site offer the feeling of clarity and accessibility.


Teachers Voices Convening
Teachers Voices Convening is a two-day gathering of 150 teachers and experts in education working to develop and integrate the new Common Core principal in their educational institutions. We first produced it in Nashville, Tennessee in 2013, and then opened 2014 with another successful convening in Phoenix, Arizona.